Cost of funerals and ways to pay

If you have never arranged a funeral before you may not be aware of the costs involved. We will be open and honest with you regarding the various items. Our “Guide to Charges” will be given to you at our initial meeting.

After we have spoken with you about the Funeral that you want, an accurate estimate and description of costs will be given in writing at the conclusion of our meeting. This meets with the code of practice laid down by the Professional Association of which we are members.

Useful, impartial, advice – please talk to us as soon as possible if you are worried about the various expenses and how you are going to pay for them. We may be able to make some adjustments or help you access any grants or loans that you may be eligible for. Not everyone is eligible for government assistance and they will not cover the whole cost of a funeral.

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The costs of the funeral will include the following:

  • Professional Fees. – Provision of all professional services including appropriate advice, support and guidance. All personnel necessary to make the funeral arrangements including completion of all documentation and liaison with all necessary third parties.
  • Caring for the deceased. – bringing them into our care, preparation and presentation.
  • Coffin or Casket. – ( price dependent on choice )
  • Hearse.

Additional charges may include:

  • Service room
  • Private viewing room
  • Hygienic Treatment
  • Limousines, etc.
  • Third party payments are those made on your behalf.
  • Cemetery / Crematoria costs
  • Newspaper notices
  • Officiant /clergy fees. ( These are the costs generally paid as part of a deposit – payable 48 hours prior to the funeral itself )

Some of these costs are fixed and outwith the control of the Funeral Directors, others will depend on the choices that you make. No one wants you to worry about money at a time like this – and we do not want anyone to take on a debt that they cannot handle – so talk to us if you are worried about how you will pay for the funeral before you sign the estimate.

We offer two set packages within our cost guide, “Direct Funeral” and the “Simple Funeral” however “Bespoke Funerals” are of course available as well. These are made up by you the client and when paid in full before the Funeral will attract a discount from our fees.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

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