Registering a death

When someone dies the death must be registered. This can be done at any Registrars Office in Scotland. From May 2015, the new Certification of Death ( Scotland ) Act 2011 became part of the registration process and as such changes the procedures that we previously worked to. Once the Doctor, Hospital or Fiscal has issued the Medical Certificate the informant must register the death within 8 days.

However, the funeral director cannot proceed with organising the funeral until the death is registered. To enable us to proceed with arrangements we would urge the family or informant to register as quickly as possible. We can make an appointment on your behalf with the local registrar, however as stated above this can be done at any registrar in Scotland.

If you intend to register yourself, an appointment should be made at the registrar prior to attending by calling 0300 3000 310.

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The medical certificate and the deceased’s medical card ( if available ) must be given to the registrar together with the following information.

  • Name, job title, address, date and country of birth of the person who has died.
  • Full names, former names and job titles of any ex-husband, ex-wife, or ex-civil partner who has died.
  • Full names, former names, job titles and dates of birth of any husband or wife or civil partner who is still alive.
  • Full names and job titles of the parents of the person who has died including the mother’s maiden name.
  • Name and address of the family Doctor of the person who has died.
  • It is also advisable to take the deceased’s birth and marriage certificate ( if applicable )

Once registered, the informant will be given a Form 14 which should then be given to the funeral director.

The above guidance will remain the same but when attending the registrar, the death may be chosen to be reviewed. This is a random selection which would involve the medical history of the deceased being reviewed to ensure procedures and documentation has been completed in a correct and appropriate manner. If chosen the Form 14 will not be issued until a review has been completed – there are two levels of review.

Level 1. – 10% of deaths will be investigated and will take an estimated day to complete.

Level 2. – 2% of deaths will be investigated in greater detail and will take an estimated 3 days to complete.

This process will not affect bringing a loved one into our care, on-going care and preparation or viewing if desired. A date and time of the funeral will NOT be able to be confirmed until the death has been registered, and any investigation ( if chosen ) is completed and Form 14 issued. We will keep you informed at all the various stages of registering and give you appropriate guidance and support in all circumstances.

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